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Sarinah Hosts Series of Events to Commemorate 55th Anniversary

Sarinah Hosts Series of Events to Commemorate 55th Anniversary


Jakarta, 16th August 2017 – Sarinah is set to continue hosting a series of events to commemorate its 55th Anniversary on August 2017. The first event started on 11th August 2017 to kick-off the ANRI photo collection display project in partnership with Sarinah; the event was opened by Chairman of ANRI, Mr Mustari, Deputy at the Ministry of State-Owned Enterprises (SOEs), Mr Fajar Hari Sampurno, Representative of the Ministry of State-Owned Enterprises, Mr Edwin, and a slew of other high-ranking officials.

Following on from that, Sarinah initiated cooperation with the Ministry of State-Owned Enterprises and a number of SOEs for a ‘walkathon’ event that took place on 13th August 2017. Among the programmes that is scheduled to be held includes a celebration of Indonesia’s 72nd Independence Day, competitions, a fashion show in collaboration with Hard Rock Cafe, and a blood drive.

As part of the programme on 17th August, Sarinah will also mark its 55th anniversary with a tumpengan ceremony – an Indonesian traditional ceremony which symbolises gratitude. The tumpengan procession is representative of Sarinah’s long history of being at the forefront of representing and promoting Indonesian heritage products, particularly in the international retail market.

On that same day, Sarinah will host a flag ceremony in celebration of the 72nd Indonesian Independence Day. As a state-owned enterprise with a historic background dating back to President Soekarno, Sarinah and its employees fully understands the importance of actively pushing for national progress by fostering national pride. Moreover, the company will provide a series of activities such a HUT Logo competition, Sarinah Cares initiative – carried out through a blood donor initiative on 18th August 2017 – and various programmes on Indonesia’s journey since independence.

On 24th August, Sarinah will host a series of events including exciting games geared to motivate and encourage the sales assistants and the company’s internal team. Furthermore, the company will provide a dedicated session covering topics on the company’s ever-changing product portfolio in addition to its versatile sales and marketing tools.

As the highlight of Sarinah’s series of celebratory events, the company will collaborate with Hard Rock Café to host the Fashion Rock and Fashion Show showcasing a range of Sarinah’s products. Standing as the embodiment of a cool lifestyle venue, the collaboration with Hard Rock Café is designated to showcase Sarinah’s trendy clothing range to a modern, young crowd. Prior to this collaborative event, Sarinah had also hosted a fashion show during the ‘SOEs Present for the Country’ event scheduled for 11th August 2017.

Sarinah’s partnership will be implemented through ANRI’s photo collection display that will be opened by prominent government officials. The photo collection display features historic SOE buildings such as the Sarinah Thamrin Department Store; the photo display will continue until end-August. Visitors can visit the photo collection display at Sarinah’s South Lobby.

As a company steeped in history and cultural heritage, Sarinah’s upcoming series of events in celebration of the 72nd Indonesian Independence Day and its 55th anniversary illustrates a keen ability to nurture its human resources in addition to strategically working alongside renowned brands with loyal consumers.


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